5 thoughts on “Town Hall Archery”

  1. Best selection of products that I have seen in a long time. The staff is knowledgeable and superior to most stores that I have been to. I trust their experience and advice.

    My only criticism is that the foam backing used on the targets is too hard. Depending on your arrow speed you may damage arrows. My bow is fast, so the arrows went deep into the foam requiring an arrow puller to get them out. Bending and breaking arrows is a possibility. This may be due to my set up. So try your set up and see if you have issues.

    This business is a shinning example of what a professional archery store should be.

  2. I’ve been here a few times lately. The staff are friendly and helpful. The lanes are nice. There are two different ones there is the one with the usual paper targets and there are ones with 3D animal targets. There is a snack machine and soda machine with great prices if you need a snack while shooting. The prices for lane time and equipment are very reasonable. They also have a pretty good selection of equipment for sale of you need anything.

  3. We showed up at 5:30, thinking they closed at 9:00. This was my first bow, so it was going to take a bit to get it set up. Monty was kind enough to stick around past closing time, which was 6:00,to get it all set up and even teach me how to shoot. Great customer service! I highly recommend Town Hall Archery!

  4. Never shot a bow before the owners son was amazing i bought a use bow they set it up the most old school store experence i bought a bow case he put it together for me when he had other coustomers waiting the 125% best coustomers experence ive had i would pay more then a online store drive 30 miles just for the experence again

  5. I have been going to Town Hall for over 20 years and the guys have always been top notch. I recently bought a new Mathews and it was the same great experience I’ve always had. No pressure sales like some other shops. Probably the best selection of bows any where in the St. Louis area. Remember they are a Archery shop and that’s it. Not a sporting goods store. With that said these guys know there stuff when it comes to bows.

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