5 thoughts on “Aardvark Sports Shop”

  1. Absolute best customer service experience there !!! Shena went out of her way to be incredibly helpful. I can’t say enough great things about how I was treated today. I won’t shop for sneakers anywhere else. Highly recommend the store.

  2. Such a great experience! I don’t remember the gentleman’s name who helped me, but he was great and very knowledgeable. Love the shoes I purchased!! Thank you

  3. Good sports shop specialized in running sport. Shoes and sport wear for runners. Friendly and helpful staff.

  4. Getting sneakers here for walking, running, or jogging isn’t a “grab and go” experience it’s “Sneaker Science”.
    Your gate (the way you walk) is analyzed, the tread on your old sneakers are meticulously researched, the staff will have you try out multiple sneakers until they find the correct sneaker for your foot.
    Be prepared for going on a tread mill, this place is no joke, it’s a laboratory for “Sneaker Scientists”.

  5. Very helpful staff and good selection of sneakers. Recommend to buy your sneakers, sporting goods.

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