5 thoughts on “Action Wheels Bike Shop”

  1. Great Place, after shopping at 8 bike shops in the area for my 14 year old son, we found the perfect bike shop, and its here at action wheels. David was great and he knew exactly what he wanted and serviced it right in the shop…best experience ever. Photo session included. Loved it.

  2. I’m currently building an e-bite at the time that I went there 4 months ago. Ironically at this time. I’m still building it is things that come up in a project.
    What I needed was a bracket that Attaches to the frame then to mount the Carrier to the frame. the manufacture of my rear wheel carrier Forgot to include with the kit.
    I measured the hole that was on the frame to the sides of the frame see how much in size I will. so I get the right size.
    When I went in their the boss help me. he searched top and bottom for one that size . He couldn’t find any that were exact size.

    Fortunately he found 1 that which is slightly bigger. When I got home it was a little over hang a little bit. I just got the Carrier on last week and it fits s perfectly!
    The boss was so helpful and patient Take the time To find what I need it awesome customer service!
    Rested of staff Were knowledgeable and friendly too
    Thank you very much Action Wheels!

  3. These guys are absolutely great. Was getting Into downhill/bike park and they really helped me out. Instead of walking into a store where u feel like the employees are bothering u these guys are super cool and are there when I need them. I got my scott ransom 930 from them and could not be happier with my purchase. They have great stuff inside and I will deff be a loyal customer for all my bike needs.

  4. The whole team at action wheels was extremely helpful. They took their time on explaining every inch of each bicycle I inquired about. After well over an hour of debating I was able to leave the shop with my perfect bike! They didn’t try to over sell me on anything and we’re determined on getting me the exact fit for me. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone in the area. By far the only shop I trust.

  5. Best inventory of SandM in the state. Staff very welcoming and have friendly dogs on premises if you need therapy. Who doesn’t like a dog in a bike shop? Nobody, we love dogs and good owners who support this. Great shop overall with extensive parts from mountain to BMX. Favorite walk in bike shop in the land. Thanks for the stickers also.

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