5 thoughts on “Atlantis Aquatics Sports Scuba”

  1. Great shop.

    Since getting involved in the sport of SCUBA, I have dealt exclusively with Jim and the instructors at AAI. They are some of the best people you will ever meet. They take the time to ensure you understand the information and equipment you’ll be purchasing/using.

    Prices can’t be beat!!! I dare ya to compare with other shops out there, you will be hard pressed to find more reasonable than AAI!!!!


  2. I didn’t give up and Jim didn’t give up on me. It was a long road and Jim’s patience is amazing. Thanks to him I am legally certified!!!!! Atlantic Aquatics is awesome. No better place in PA.

  3. Great staff lots of opportunities to learn how to scuba dive and continuous education. I love the friendly atmosphere will be doing business with them soon again

  4. SO, I am humbled and honored to be a very small part of this shop…I use the term “shop” loosely as it is more like a home and family. There is not enough space to share allll the heart and soul that is poured into this special place. I have been diving since 1985, NEVER have I encountered a more trustworthy man who truly wants to make his customers happy and his students (and those of his instructors) safe, educated and ambassadors of our fragile oceans. IF you ever had Scuba on your bucket list THIS is the place to go….and if it wasnt on your list….it should be!!! Wishing all a safe summer of diving-never stop learning, Hope to See you all soon, if not will def see you in ROATAN 2019!!!

  5. Nice prescription snorkel mask. He was very helpful. I would recommend this place.

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