5 thoughts on “LVPG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine– Bethlehem”

  1. This place is utterly horrible. The staff is incompetent. I went to see the second dr there and told him several times I had been through physical therapy many times. I waited in pain for 5 months for them to get my MRI approved. I called at least 25 times and asked them what the issue was. They told me the insurance company was giving them a hard time and that I should be “patient” wth? Over 5 months isn’t patient enough? Long story short after five months and speaking to at least a dozen people in that office all who passed the responsibility onto the other. I found out the whole issue was they never requested my physical therapy records the whole wntire time!!
    After their failure to do their jobs they wouldn’t even apologize or own up to their mess!! I go see the dr again and explain that their incompetent staff only makes the Drs look bad and he didn’t even own up to their mistakes! Also every time you go there none of them have your records ready and the dr spends most of his time with you running around wondering where your records are. There is no help from the staff or the Drs please think twice about using this practice!

  2. Dr. Das is the nastiest doctor I’ve ever encountered. I went in in extreme pain, waited half hour for him. He came in the waiting room with an attitude and was very short and snotty to both my Mother and myself. He examined me very roughly and when I complained he was hurting me yelled at me telling me that ‘he’s the doctor and this is what he has to do to see what’s wrong?!?! No I wholeheartedly disagree. The staff at this location needs to learn some manners before they schedule any other appointments. I’ve been to this location before and unfortunately the other Drs. There aren’t much nicer. Find any other place to go if you’re looking for REAL HELP!!!!!

  3. worst place to go to very unprofessional phone service they do not even know the time of the day very rude hope they read this and get back in touch with me because I got a lot to say about their service wish I could get in touch with the director of the hospital about this place

  4. I and my daughter have both used this practice within the past 3-4 months without any issue. The staff was courteous and both of the Doctors were very helpful and attentive. Our wait time was minimal but maybe we scheduled at a good time. I do know the schedules are very full which can be a problem with the amount of time they have for each patient. That is not their fault.

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