5 thoughts on “Molly’s Irish Grille & Sports Pub”

  1. The food was good but unfortunately the service was not. Our server forgot things we ordered. He quickly had it put in when he realized it wasn’t. Kept bringing orders to us that were meant for other tables. Hoping this was a new server. I’d still go back for drinks and food but would make sure we get a different server.

  2. I got the Irish whiskey Burger it was good but the fact that it doesn’t have cheese confuses me. I understand not having mayo but cheese? Other than that the food is really good and kitchen was still open at 1120pm so that’s a plus. Not really and Irish pub more a sports bar that has an Irish theme.

  3. Went to Molly’s for the first time on thanksgiving eve, as I order two double rum and cokes I noticed the bartender pour the drink. The nozzle on the run was clogged and nothing was coming out, as he proceeded to fill both drinks with nothing but coke. I mentioned it politely as he handed me the drinks and he quickly grabbed the rum and splashed it all over the drinks and continued to splashed it on my hands as I was holding the drinks saying “is this better for you, do you like this”. He was very unprofessional and doesn’t deserve to be a bartender. If you can’t handle the job then don’t apple for it. Absolutely disgusting.

  4. We came here for a casual dinner after a long day shopping at the Christmas market. I got the bangers and mashwich and my mom got the Stew and both were very good. Both were very good portions for a good price. They had a lot of beers on tap which was fun. The bartenders were really upbeat too. All around good place for a a drink or some good Irish pub style food

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