5 thoughts on “Action Sports BLOEM”

  1. Great fun. Only challenge is the toilets are located away from hall and I would accompany my children since there are little in terms of security presence in the area.

  2. Here you can blow of steam while having fun at staying fit and fabulously healthy in doing action netbal or action kricket with action netbal you can add your name in the open volunteer list if maybe some other teams short a player then they can refer to the list and notify you of upcoming events and that you csn confirm if you accept the offer or not.. Then you can always form your own team of 8 players, well i recommend that you always have a backup person if say someone can’t make it then there’s no need to forfeit any game, and its not compulsory to have only ladies in the team you can form a team of 3 male and 4 female or visa versa to play. Theres a registration fee of R100 then a fee of R45 per game you play which is usually once a week. Its so much fun and even children enjoys it too. There’s a bar to buy drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages) a smallish tuck shop bathrooms and always the best atmosphere.

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