5 thoughts on “Totalsports – Loch Logan”

  1. I was there to look for a sport jersey and even though they didn’t have in stick, the employees went above and beyond to help me order another one to be delivered from another store by next week. The team were very professional and very helpful. Had a very pleasant experience at the store. Highly recommend.

  2. Would give it 0 stars if I could. Manager is rude and has an attitude, went to exchange/refund an item which was sent in the post with its original packaging then they refused to refund it as it had a few dirty marks from being handled on it. The manager insisted it had been worn and refused to refund it, was bought the day before and there was nothing wrong with it. His worker a luzaan then told us with an attitude if it’s washed next time they may exchange it insinuating I was trying to return dirty used goods, we left with a very bitter taste in our mouths. Avoid at all costs. They definitely don’t put the customer first there.

  3. It’s clear that nobody wants to do their job. I have a suspicion that they actively want to go out of business.

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