5 thoughts on “Sportsmans Warehouse”

  1. Service was well and very quick. I phoned in advance and the salesman was very helpful. All staff is very friendly and they were the only shop I found everything I was looking for. Thanks for the awesome assistance and patience with a mom that knows nothing about sporting accessories. You rock!!!

  2. Great variety and friendly staff. Sales sections also have great reduced % deals. They can assist with Polar watches. A wide variety for all sports types, including soccer, rugby, cricket, gym gear, cycling, netball, running. Also clothing section is quite comprehensive with casual and outdoors clothing for the whole family. I enjoy using my Sportsmans vitality card for additional cash back rewards!

  3. Nice clean store, Extremely helpful staff. I asked to use the toilet and one of the floor staff spoke to me with such respect and assisted me. Well done guys. You just need a broader range on your fishing equipment.

  4. Range is decent and the quality vs price equation made sense, but what stood out was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff. That was very cool. Thanks, guys

  5. A favorite staw, always a good stock of every item in every size. The stock better than some of the other Sportsmans where house. All the more commercial sports catered for. Located in a convenient shopping center in a convenient location on R21 just off N12.

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