5 thoughts on “Totalsports – East Rand”

  1. Went to them 2/04/2019. There was about 3 customers in the store staff was busy chatting not one tried to attend to us in the sports shoe section. The music in the shop was also very loud. I was very disappointed in the selection of rugby shoes as we went there because everyone said that they have a big variety of shoes there was only 3 pairs to choose from. There was about 20 pairs of soccer shoes. We went and asked one of the staff to come and assist us to see if there is not maybe some other stock in the store room and he replied no there is nothing they don’t really like stocking up rugby shoes as they don’t have a big market for them. I went on Google and quickly compared the price of the brands they had on the shelve with what other stores sell and TS were almost 50% over priced. No wonder they don’t have a big Market for the rugby shoes OVER PRICED BIG TIME. my recommendation first shop around and compare prices before buying from TS

  2. Unprofessional staff, horrible music blaring in the background.

    How can you expect to sell anything if your staff cannot hear the customer over the rubbish you are playing on the radio.

    It shouldnt be this hard to get a pair of shoes in the size I want. Id rather go to Sportmanswarehouse.

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