5 thoughts on “Robin Hawke Sports”

  1. Great shop that has been in the same placr for over 20 years. From cycling gear to fishing and sporting goods. The owners are friendly and very helpful.

  2. Look…firstly I wanna say this is a small town bike shop. So be modest in your expectation. I bought my first silver back stride 20 bike here. It’s been a strong companion for a while now.

    the service service is good enough however I found myself having to explain myself as to specific cleaning and maintenance procedures and stuff.

    either than that just check the expiry date of any non essential product you buy. Especially gloves and rubber based parts.

    over and above…the price is always about 500 less than sportsmen warehouse, tested fully trust me.
    all warrantees are in place so shop with peace of mind on the bikes.

    happy cycling

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