5 thoughts on “Ace Sports Distribution”

  1. so first of all

    it took over 2 almost 3 weeks to receive my purchase from the online store. where it said 2-7days
    cool I get it.

    Then they don’t call me I call them they tell me, oh ja we don’t have stock of the one we will send u another cap. mmmm why would I want another cap I specifically chose the hat.

    OK so they sent a refund on that which to be honest if I never called them I would of gotten what ever they thought would do.

    they then tell me delivery will be Friday definitely
    Friday no delivery I contact the courier guy oh they only picked it up from Cape Town on Friday.
    seriously?. cool now Ive reached my last straw I call them and arrange that I go pick it up from the courier guy on sat in kya sands as it was delivered Sat morning. only to get there and they can’t find it I offer to help search the courier guy warehouse. for 2 hours nothing!!!!! I left without the hats. obviously. furious at this point.

    today is Monday they delivered to my house I was like thank god only to find that they sent there own cap for one of the ones purchased which over the phone they said they had stock of the other two caps I had purchased um lies they sent some rubbish. looks fake aswell. not what I paid money for.

    so I I’m now at a point where I can’t understand how they own a business and are still running ace sports are pathetic and waste customers time rather tell us ur not good at what u do so we can buy somewhere where people actually want business.

    guys really ur mx people and you do business like this Not cool.

    1st and last time I ever deal with ur incompetence ur company should be closed down


  2. Took my bike in for some maintenance work and a few extras. Friendly staff and a nice retail store.
    The mechanic that worked on my bike Ruan is very knowledgeable and does great work..
    Will definitely visit again…

  3. Good products on offer. Check stock availablity as the site doesn’t show if items are out of stock or not. Ordered items not available. Luke did assist and we managed to make a plan with similar items. Received updated order super fast!

  4. My boyfriend sadly supported this company online but never again! Their distribution place is near my office and the idiot from ACE nearly crash into me as he clearly cannot drive a car! Completely oblivious of me and driving in two lanes plus jumping the red traffic light. This moron is above stopping at a red traffic light. He could have killed me and my child in the car! If he is that brain dead driving then I don’t think I will ever bother to support his business again.

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