5 thoughts on “Mr Price Sport”

  1. Good selection of Maxed and other brands. Well priced. However, there are better outlets than this one. Not always fully stocked.

  2. Efficient and to the point service. All shop items are laid out radially which makes shopping simple. Got a pair of boxing gloves for a really affordable rate and am happy with my purchase.

  3. We were all the way from Limpopo.
    Mr price sport Worcester phoned Mr. Price sport N1 city to hold a pair of shoes for us to be exchanged. We drove one hour to Mr price sport N1 city. When ariving we were told they cannot help us because it is to dark to do an exchange of the shoes. (No power). When told it was arranged, just no reply. Did not even stand up when speaking to us. What a complete waste of time and money ….

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