5 thoughts on “Mrp Sport”

  1. So the cashier accidentally rang up something lying on the counter for some reason. After I paid I noticed my bag was heavy and found the item. They tried to return the item and give me my money back but then loadshedding happened. They told me I had to return the item and receive my money back some other day. This already p****d me off but okay nevermind. Few days later I went back, I didn’t check the time, I’m too early (my fault), but I see staff inside counting stock. I ask them if I can just return the item and explained the situation since I have other things to do. No, had to go back 09h00. I’ve worked in retail. The manager who can authorise the return is obviously inside since the shop is unlocked but the staff does not want to call him/her. My return won’t affect their stock count. The lady gave me attitude even though I’m the one who’s being inconvenienced due to their mistake. Kak customer service

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