5 thoughts on “Mr Price Sport”

  1. Best shop. Mr Price is growing. Quality items at reasonable prices. Especially sports good. Got my swimming item from there. Best shopping experience

  2. Affordable gym and sporting wear can be found here. Staff are very friendly. Disadvantage is that if there’s no power they do not allow you to try clothes in change rooms.

  3. Off the Bat, i like your sportswear and outdoor wear.


    Went to Open up an account , there was a lack of organisation or know how. I faxed through my documents while in the store and was told to wait for the sms to collect my card, i received a sms later saying thank you for applying but you have documents outstanding ????? HUH ! i then had to phone in the find out what was happening but no one could help , then was asked to confirm details which were on the form i filled.

    I too clearly ticked i do not want promotional contact , ive had the card 1 week and had two phone calls, one about life cover (from Mr Price :):) haha ) and a cellphone contract, oh my soul !!

    Oh and when i went to collect the card they didnt have one, i had to go to Mr Price Home 🙂

    any ways, despite a massive 20 % interest rate . i needed the credit history.

    I really like the clothes though !!!

  4. The prices are reasonable
    The “out of stock” line is not used in that shop
    Every sport gear is there in all sizes

  5. Excellent service by the lovely ladies in the front. They went above and beyond the usual customer service. This is now my new favourite store

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