5 thoughts on “STS Sport”

  1. The gentlemen there were very friendly and helpful. Smiles and cheer all around. A good visit. They had my parkrun band ready and quickly found it without hassle.

  2. Nice activity, but staff lacking emphaty for the clients, and bicycle not well maintained. We rented 3 bicycles, one of them tandem. 2 bikes, incl the tandem, had broken gear. In addition, the tandem ride wasn’t easy and smooth like it should have been. When you begin riding, and still got strength, you notice it less. But on the way back, against wind, and with less strength, you feel it very well… So my wife who doesn’t know to ride alone had to get off, and walk with one bike back, while one of the kids paddled with me, to help me get back. When I got back there, hurrying to make the deadline, and the closing time, I explained what happened. The white employee at the cashier didn’t say a word, and couldn’t care less, just handed me the deposit back. The black employee took the bike for a ride, confirmed my complaint that they are not ok, and went to meet my wife and take the 3rd bike from her.
    None of them thought to apologize, not to mention offer a partial refund.
    My advise, go elsewhere. And always check the bikes well before renting.

  3. Poor service. Chain in one of the bike became loose. We are here at the peoples park. My name is Makhosi Dlamini.

  4. Hired bicycles at moses mabida and had a great experience cycling around the stadium. They offer little carts for kids too, and double seat bicycles.

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