5 thoughts on “Tony Jackson Sport – Buy online and save”

  1. Certainly the best choice for anything sport that involves strings! They restrung my squash racquet quickly with only a short wait.

  2. Great place for tennis equipment along with some squash and badminton equipment. Have know the owners for many years and they have been very helpful to any level player and the prices are fair. It’s the only place I go to for any tennis equipment.

  3. Tony Jackson Sports is a specialist racquet shop. Tennis, squash, badmington and racquet ball. They stock shoes, do restrings, have balls, grips and all other accessories including tennis nets and even protective wear. Excellent service from Tony and Brad! Only racquet shop i support in Durban as you dealing with experts that will ensure you buy the right racquet for your game. So many people go to bigger stores and buy the wrong product and pick up injuries. Tony Jackson Sports is the place to go for the best advice and service in town!!

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