5 thoughts on “Cape Union Mart Vincent Park”

  1. 5 staff total ingore me while standing at the counter…whatever they were busy with is obviously more important than their customers ….

  2. One shop in Vincent mall with rudest staff members. Those ladies always chatting & when you ask for assistance they literally ignore you not unless you repeat with a pinch of an irritated voice. The other day a guy who was busy with another customer called one of the ladies to assist me & she rudely asked him why can’t ask me. he explained & she replied “& then what”.If you’ve a faint heart don’t go there.I always go there bcoz its convenient for me & when I order online, its the only shop that I can pickup my items in..

  3. Warm welcomed by the staff. Excellent service and we were able to get exactly what we needed. Brandon was indeed worth to serve us.

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