5 thoughts on “sportscene – Eastgate Centre”

  1. Not good
    The all thing is bad, ugly place, very noisy, management and staff are not good.
    The staff is looking like mentally sick, they chew gum they shake the head, pretending the sound is too good, hic hic hic… really it is ridiculous there.
    No problem they are going to succumb very soon, and no one seems to bother.
    Too bad! !!

  2. The shop is very big now since thwy change the store from the other side, the team isbalways on feet assisting customers with any kind of assistance. They also run sales always throughout the year. For me is one of the shops i always enter when am at East Gate.

  3. Why don’t you answer your phone….the phone is there to be answered and to help clients which can lead to a sale

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