5 thoughts on “The Wanderers Club”

  1. Some of the guards aren’t friendly. Aside from that I have nothing bad to say! The facilities are fantastic and it’s free to enter. The club is also well maintained. There are also a ton of sporting grounds of all categories and many people there to ensure a good social sporting vibe.

  2. We’ve watched rugby matches and the world cup rugby final there, South Africa won emphatically. It was great and the team of waiters in the Wanderers were as great. How often de trays waiters were carrying were bumped due to the crowd in the bar I cannot count, beer was spilled, bottles knocked over and glasses broke but the waiters kept on smiling.Excellent service, good simple food at a fair price.

  3. The day South Africa won the 2019 world cup. We had an awesome time. We all where united under the same green n gold blood… What an exciting experience…

  4. Located near wanders cricket stadium. They have several activities such as bowling, tennis, cricket and indoor soccer. They usually host discovery indoor soccer tournaments. Cool and nice vibe from this area, you’ll be exposed to several sports. Clean and secure parking. It’s a nice place to watch sports on a weekend

  5. They were so welcoming the place is so good to host any event.. Nice photo area.. open space. I loved the place and its so clean..

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