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  1. First & foremost, I would like to state that I’m not one to write/ post reviews as it is not in my nature (to complain/ express my discontent). I’m an owner of a newly established gym & training facility in Kimberley. I’ve been a loyal customer for years & have literally bought most of my equipment from Mr.Price Sport (Kimberley- North Cape Mall ). However my last 2 experiences @ the store were extremely unpleasant! In the first instance I had purchased a set of 20kg dumb bells; the case was broken & the 2kg weights were uneven with 3× 2kg & 1×2.5kg, didnt get a discount bought it @ full price as they told me it was the last one . Second was yesterday when I went to return boxing gloves I had bought in the week as it was the incorrect size for one of my clients . Upon arrival the lady asked me what the problem was & I explained it to her. She then proceeded to open the bag & took the gloves out of the plastic where I had put it after my client had fitted it on. She told me that the gloves had seemed used & basically started interrogating me as to why I’m returning the gloves I have purchased (not stolen). We then together saw the tear on the globe which I can pretty much guarantee was a factory fault as I currently own the same glove in the 8oz & the tribal which haven’t done that after months of hard-core boxing. She was reluctant to give me a refund which I wouldn’t have wanted if she had just treated me as the loyal customer that i am & not some criminal

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