Sport E – Embroidery

 Sport E – Embroidery

 12 Perth St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa

 +27 33 342 2996

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Sports – Pietermaritzburg

5 thoughts on “Sport E – Embroidery”

  1. Had a dressing gown embroidered with a quote, was finished and returned within 2 days of handing it in, done super fast and really professionally.

  2. Rather disappointed as I have been in contact for over 2 weeks regarding a gift, yet no response the first and 2nd time I asked, only deciding to respond the third time I asked,

    Was NOT given a price but was basically told its too expensive.

    I am not convinced they even checked for the cost quite frankly.

  3. Absolutely great service received from Warren in June this year – forgot to post a review at the time, until I needed more embroidery done today. Sport E was super fast, super efficient, really well priced, and the quality was great. A belated thank you to Warren and team.

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