African Outdoorsman Arms & Ammo

 African Outdoorsman Arms & Ammo

 16 Zune Street, Magna Via, Polokwane, 0699, South Africa

 +27 15 297 0329

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5 thoughts on “African Outdoorsman Arms & Ammo”

  1. Absolutely pathetic service! I have been waiting for 7 weeks for a refund of R2000. I walked into the store today and demanded my money and both the men working at the store were extremely rude and disrespectful! swearing and insulting!!!! Dewald sticking his chest out and screaming to intimidate me! NEVER support this store! the other skinny guy swore at me stating that i should leave because they cannot process a refund! only the owner is authorized to do so ! I have had no luck with the owner for 7 weeks. this is theft and abuse!!!!!!! disgusting. Absolutely pathetic that a store does not have R2000 to refund and still treats a women like KAK when she asks for her money. I might lose my R2000 but I will max out every avenue to let everyone know about this! Is this how you treat your women at home? You must feel like real men trying to intimidate a woman?!?!?!
    I will contact every local newspaper, radio station to make this public. Delete my comments all you want. Tomorrow I will open a case of theft and send you a lawyers letter

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