5 thoughts on “Cape Union Mart”

  1. Of the 3 Cape Union Mart stores we have in Port Elizabeth this one is becoming a favourite over the Bay West store.

    Some of the staff members have become friends over the years and we have always received great, friendly and efficient service.

    Sending stuff for repairs? No problem, they have consistently over-delivered on every level.

  2. As a Youtuber that loves to explore and venture off into the wildlands, I recommend this place for anything you may need to go on your exploration journeys. A tad bit on the pricey side, but worth the spend of you are looking for quality and safe gear.

  3. I was at WP Cape Union Mart at about 10h30 Sunday morning 8 Sept. I checked out the shoes at the back. Had to negotiate the crowd of sales staff building a squatter camp. Came back to front for sunglasses which I actually came in for…. no service

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