5 thoughts on “Sportsmans Warehouse Atterbury”

  1. Bought several times gym and camping/fishing equipment from the store. The staff was helpful and advised on several items. You can also make your rewards card and earn points with each shopping. Overall good experience.
    Would improve the prices on the shelves ( not all the time updated nor present).

  2. On a positive note they have quite a nice variety of gear are very convenient. On the bad side however not exactly great service, tried buying a smartwatch but the lady assisting me was simply singing along to the radio and giving very poor advice, not knowing anything about the products even saying they didn’t stock a certain watch I saw they did. None of the demos were charged either.

  3. The shop is good but parking is ALWAYS a mess. Been to Atterbury value mart on a few occasions where I wanted to get something just to turn around because of the frustration of finding parking.

  4. This is by far the best Sportsmans warehouse in PTA.They always have plenty of stock and are super friendly to assist you in whatever you need.

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