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  1. One of the best boardshops in Queenstown. With knowledgeable, friendly staff who all ride as well, they have a great range of snow and skate gear plus a wicked skate bowl in the shop, what more could you ask for? Well some 90’s styled skate shoes would be nice 😉

  2. My daughter fell off her skateboard in the Boardertown indoor skatepark in their shop at 2pm, after paying $5 to skate on Saturday 25 May. Her ankle was swollen, and the staff guys looked up from their coffees and told her that it was just sprained – “You’ll be right, walk on it to check”. She was given a triangular bandage and encouraged to get out of the shop.
    I took her down to the Queenstown Hospital emergency department once I could see that it was serious. The ankle was clearly broken, with a spiral fracture of the Fibula, and she is in plaster for at least 8 weeks.
    Thanks guys, expect a visit from Health and Safety, you all need to do First Aid training, to look after anyone that injures themselves on your premises! You get 1 star because I can’t give you none.
    To the owner:
    How has your review of the incident gone? Because your staff’s implementing of your stated plan to manage injuries was not the reality of what my daughter experienced. It was as I described, and your staff did inadequate first aid, they assumed her leg was not broken – when it was, and she was outside your shop when I picked her up and took her to hospital. Your previous response was a fob off, because your guys couldn’t wait to get her out of your shop. Fortunately I was there quickly to see that it was obviously not “just sprained” and take her to hospital – since there were no staff even accompanying her.
    I am concerned that because you seem to deny that there is any problem with how your staff manage anyone who injures themselves in your skatepark, that someone else will suffer an even worse outcome through mismanagement. And yes I am aware that skateboarding is potentially dangerous, obviously! Are you aware of your duty of care to people who pay to use your potentially dangerous skatepark?

  3. Excellent and very fast service dealing with a warranty case even when my product was bought from a different store overseas. From walking in with the broken board to walking back out with a replacement took about a week, very quick! Super friendly and helpful staff!

  4. Super helpful staffs, I was looking for the switchback binding parts for replacement, couldn’t sort it out in Auckland stores as they know so little about snow equipments, gave a ring to Queenstown store where I purchased the switchback bindings few months back, Tom and Jordan understood what part I exactly need and posted the binding parts to Auckland straight away. Absolute Legends!

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