5 thoughts on “Kathmandu Queenstown”

  1. 3Nov16 a typical Kathmandu store you can find in one of many places in New Zealand and Australia. Busy’ish but staff are helpful. Expensive. Even when products are on SALE. Bought a pair of men’s highly insulated and low resistance (to movements and flexure) gloves – great for use in rain and heavy wind.

  2. as with most places in NZ the service was the standout here. They are directly opposite a Manpac store so pricing was very competitive between the two of them.

  3. I’m completely speechless, I’m traveling from Australia and had arrived in Queenstown this morning and realised the jacket I bought three days ago had two small rips in it, I had not worn it yet. I went in and asked if I could swap it over and CHRIS the ‘manager’ was very rude about it, and accused me of lying that it hadn’t been worn and said to bad so sad and “if you bought a new car and crashed it, it’s not the company’s fault’ well it’s not a car it’s a $299 jacket and the warranty should cover it. I’m so angry with his attitude towards
    Me and he was not sympathetic or offered any kind of assistance.

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