5 thoughts on “Small Planet Sports”

  1. I’ve been buying ski gear from Small Planet, for over a decade – they have great options for me and the family at all price points.

    The staff really know their stuff and will work tirelessly to get boots fitting properly. I recently had some new gear fail (not their fault) and they worked with the importer to get an amazing resolution.

    In these days of sterile corporate outdoor stores it is awesome to be able to support a genuinely local crew!

  2. Been in here a few times and always had wonderful help. Came in today and asked a very polite member of staff a question, unfortunately a really rude staff member interjected whilst fitting a boot for another customer. He then mocked me for wearing a coat from Torpedo 7, which I would recommend visiting instead as we have always had excellent customer service there. Other more pathetic jibes and comments made for no reason whatsoever. Worst customer service I’ve ever had.

  3. This is the place to go for expert advice on gear. The staff are extremely experienced and helpful. They spent literally hours with us to sort out a ski touring set up. You pay more than online but you pay for their time experience and it’s a small locally owned company..

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