5 thoughts on “Torpedo7”

  1. We bought a go pro, and it’s not working properly. They say the store doesn’t have warranty. They need to send the camera to the supplier and it can take more than 6 weeks. Do warranty here is not working properly. They didn’t help us, we still have the recipe.

  2. Horrible, I bought go pro camera and it’s working really bad and they don’t want to be responsible, they can’t give me a solution
    Terrible terrible !!!!

  3. The manager and his staff were super helpful in resolving my issue with some snow boarding boots that were a bit tight. They heat moulded them properly for me and he even stayed behind after closing time to make sure they moulded properly. The boots feel fine now which is great! I had gone to the other torpedo 7 in town to ask for help but they offered no help and turned me away, make sure to go to the torpedo 7 at The Remarkables! 5 stars to them.

  4. Sales staff… or one in particular was trying to be funny by blatantly throwing out insults to customers based on their appearance. No customer goes in to look at gear only to have some smart fk sales f4990t think he’s funny by questioning why you’d need such gear. He was sooo helpful we went to EVO Cycles instead and got everything we needed. Gloves, pads, helmets – the lot! Have had better service at other Torpedo7 stores. Unfortunately Queenstown took a dump and this store – along with a worm fell out.

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