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  1. after being told by a sales person the code of the product we were wanting we ordered it and it was incorrect, they will not take the part back as they say it was our fault service has only be shocking not sure what happened to the great service we def. didnt get it…

  2. I initially placed a telescope that I wanted to buy from you into my “bid or buy” shopping cart. I did not proceed to checkout, but came in to buy it personally, as you say. Yet you gave me a negative rating on ‘bid or buy” because I did not complete the “bid or buy” order. I tried to contact you at the time, but never received a response. I contacted “bid or buy” and was advised by them that the only way to remove the negative rating was to close my account.

  3. Awful.
    Like dealing with a government department.
    I dropped off two items for repair in December 2018 and I was told they would be repaired in January.
    Both items were under warranty by the manufacturers (Leatherman and Gerber), and I was told I’d need to pay a handling fee of about R60. Which I paid at the time.

    I heard nothing back from Technopro. I made repeated phone calls and each time was told they’d call me back in a few minutes.
    Nothing. At least 6 times.
    Finally (IN DECEMBER 2019) I managed to get an answer on the phone that my items were ready and that they’d email me an invoice.
    I received nothing.
    After another phone call, I clarified they had the wrong email address, and they’d email me the invoice again.

    They charged me R450 for the repairs.
    When I queried this fee, as both items were under warranty and I’d already paid a handling fee, I was told (after a 7-day delay) that it was a charge for “storage and related fees as the item has been in offices since January”.

    If you’re going to neglect to communicate with your customers, don’t blame them for the fact that items (both of which, combined, are smaller than a sandwich) are left at your offices for months on end, and charge them exorbitant “storage and related fees”.

    I’ve just been asked to fill an order for several Meprolight sights. Your price is competitive and I certainly would have considered making the order with you. Thanks for sparing me the trouble of bringing you business.

  4. The website is clunky and very badly designed, and the menus are a mess. However, you simply can not complain about their prices. Their service is also great. I called to check for stock on some reloading and cleaning gear, comfirmed the possible delivery times, paid and picked up everything less than a day later. Well done guys, you won a customer for life!

  5. 10 days later and still waiting for my order to arrive. Shop does not answer ones calls and does not respond to emails either. Who knows if my items will ever arrive.

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