4 thoughts on “Action Sports Hillfox”

  1. Amazing staff and amazing space to play action soccer, cricket or netball. The owners are amazing and really care for the customers experience.

  2. Always busy and very friendly staff who is more than willing to assist you if you need to find a team etc.

  3. Not so good customer service. If its your first time there, good luck. No one will show you around. No one to welcome you. Very spacious. Great space or view to see your kids. There is a a minor delay in between classes, but not so bad;5 minutes at most. Don’t use the gum machine if you want your money’s worth. Have the exact amount, no change. Don’t leave stuff there, you won’t get back. This is just my experience, lost a hat. Great soccer coach&coaching. Not too crowded. Friendly bar man & lady;helpful.

  4. Ample parking space, great venue, but the only drawback is that they do not have speed points. Cash only venue.

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