5 thoughts on “Outdoor Warehouse Strubensvalley”

  1. I live this outdoor warehouse. People are always friendly and the have the most amazing range of items. Always have items in stock and some great specials too. Love it even more now that you can get all you mozambique motor Insurance from them directly quick and efficient process.

  2. Walked around for 15 min with none of the staff asking to help. Helped myself and when I wanted to pay the staff were too busy playing with a ball and smoking in front of the shop. I had to throw a scene to get someone to man the till. I dont understand how businesses survive with ill disciplined staff like that. I counted 5 staff members today, and not a single one offered some assistance. I wanted to get fully kitted, myself and my girlfriend, for a hiking adventure this weekend… instead we got some socks. Would rather spend my money somewhere else. Dissapointed.

  3. Asked 2 staff if they had maleria tests only to be told they don’t have. After looking around I found it myself

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