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  1. I would like to compliment Trinity Village student school wear & sport shop for assisting me with EXCELLENT SERVICE over and over again.
    I went into the shop with my sons old blazer upon arriving back from holiday, hoping to purchase a new blazer 2 sizes bigger than his current one and was told that they don’t have anything bigger than the size he is currently wearing.
    Before I could think what now, Linda immediately said she will phone her supplier I must please pay for the blazer in meantime and she will phone me when I can collect.
    Seeing that his other blazer had cord around it, sourced me new Trinity House navy blue cord braiding to go around the border and cuffs of his new blazer all within a week.
    I was blown away by her going over and above, as in the hairiness of what she was already going through , what with the new year and all the frenzy of parents buying new uniforms etc. She of her own managed to expedite the order and organized the alterations with out me having to worry about a thing.
    Their website advertising does not lie!!!!
    Quality 100%, Service 100%, Convenience 100%!!!!!
    THANK YOU Trinity Village Student School Wear for the AMAZING SERVICE!!!
    Amanda Van Der Westhuizen

  2. Conveniently located and carry a wide range of schools uniforms. Very helpful youngsters serving customers. Little less friendly on the phone when querying size availability but to be fair it sounded like I called at a busy time.

  3. Always have stock and if not, they get it for you in a flash and contact you when it arrives. Reakly good service.

  4. Heavily overpriced, prices quoted are not the inflated price that you pay at the till. We found a price tag in their school socks that they buy them for R12 and sell them for R70.

    The quality of uniforms is atrocious, colours run after a few washes and the pants can’t be soaked to clean suburb dirt (please don’t try, the khaki turns pink and you can never iron it flat again).

    Pity there is no zero star rating. Unfortunately they are the only stockists and ride the monopoly train.

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