5 thoughts on “Mr Price Sport”

  1. Dear people i have already logged a complain about ahoes that i was looking for on sunday morning well the team.looked very busy as it was 10 past 9 in the morning i think they were counting stock…. nobody offererd to help i had to look for help one lady ignored me flat then i walked to 2 guys chatting i asked excuse do u have these shoes in size 8…. he said is it on the shelf i said no… well then we dont have he didnt even went to the stockroom to check…well the day before i was in the store again buing xmas gifts i still have all my reciets but im teturning them…my 1st bad eperience in ure store its a shame cause i loved vissiting that store 1sr

  2. The store manager is more concerned about moving her displays around than customers standing 20 mins in a que waiting to pay because she only has one cashier on duty

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