5 thoughts on “Lord Nelson Inn”

  1. Unfriendly server and it took them over one hour to make three pizzas, in the meantime the one other guests all recieved their food (sometimes also pizza). When the pizzas finally came they were soggy and not even lukewarm, so much for “the best pizza in town”. Wouldn’t recommend at all.

  2. Very nostalgic and authentic decor.
    Service warm and welcoming.
    Room was very comfortable and clean

  3. I invited a female friend to join me at lord nelson Inn. The supervisor there demanded her to remove her head gear or she must leave the premises, but people can bring their dogs in the inn food and bar side. I’m not happy with that, females must remove their head gears.

  4. A bit run down, probably has seen better days. Food is average. Sadly, the owner or manager? appeared totally disinterested in his clientele, no friendly greetings let alone anything else. Maybe this explains why it was so quiet during peak season.

  5. The Lord Nelson Inn is in a quaint town called Simonstown. It’s a beautiful and quiet location. There are many things to do around the town or you can take an uber to Cape town. All in all I had a fantastic holiday here. You will too. The landscape is one of the best in the world.

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