5 thoughts on “Pisces Divers”

  1. The staff was really nice and knew the area super well. Diving was easy but quite cold. Everything was absolutely incredible and the staff was very helpful with any and all difficulties I had. I would definitely dive with them again.

  2. Fantastic diving experience! It all started with great communication over email. They were very helpful answering all questions and making sure I had all the information needed. Due to the weather I managed to dive only one day with them and make two dives, one wreck and reef dive and one with the seals. The team is very experienced, their equipment is top and very good maintained and they make everyone feel safe and enjoy the dives. Highly recommended!

  3. This was the best cold water diving we’ve ever done, the colors you’re going to see are indescribable!! Also if you go with Pisces diving you’ll be in excellent hands and have no regrets! My husband and I were not comfortable in our wet suits mainly because we haven’t done a lot of cold water diving experience, it was nothing lagging on the dive companies part. Their process is seamless and we moved along quickly with getting our gear on, fitted, and packed. The staff is amazing, friendly, and so helpful with telling you where to go and what to do. We got to the dive spot and I was more than nervous, Eddie one of the dive masters stayed at my side until I felt more comfortable, he really saved the dive for me. I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out, diving with the seals was amazing and I’m so thankful we dove with Pisces because I feel any other dive company would’ve just told me to stay on the boat. Eddie said it would be fine and it was, it was more than fine, it was amazing, like swimming with sea dogs!! The next dive was on the other side of the rock, I’m so glad we did that one as well, the colors we saw were amazing. Please note these pictures you see have zero filters on them, I didn’t use a lens on my gopro, these are the exact colors you see in the blue/turquoise waters!! We saw all kinds of fish, coral, etc. and while the sharks have gone I hope they’ll be back as it’s a beautiful area that needs them. Also after the two dives, they bring you right back to the shop for a warm shower and some food as well, both were good and well needed!! Cheers to Pisces Divers, we hope to be diving with you guys again soon and thank you again for everything!!

  4. Had a great time diving with Pisces. Everything from check-in to briefing to the diving was professionally handled and equipment was new and good quality. Did two dives, Kelp Forrest and Seal, both really fun

    If you’re in Cape Town and want to dive, I’d definitely reccomend going with them.

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