5 thoughts on “sportscene – Jabulani Mall”

  1. They had my takkies of which i didnt find in some other shops..and yes i went there for my Kaizer Chiefs tshirt and they had my exact size

  2. Today I went to pay my account the guys was so slow there was 1 person at the tills the others were just standing I waited in the line for almost 15 minutes wherelse it was not even full their customer service was slow the guy took his even the girl who was following after me left
    Sports Scene in dobsonville mall

  3. The employees do not attend to customers and the shop isn’t clean , everything is a mess there ,you cannot even find what you looking for I’m disappointed

  4. Today I lodged a telephone complaint with their customers service department at about 14h40 about their fourways branch for not picking up the phone the lady I spoke to she was so rude to even dropped the phone on me

  5. It’s okay, loud music can be disturbing sometimes, I buy a lot of caps, i don’t like that they stack them in high shelves here and they place them right behind the paying till, really hard to get to.

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