5 thoughts on “Outdoor Escape”

  1. Great place, they have all sorts of cool outdoors equipment and kit. Decent prices too.

  2. I used to go to this store simply because it was the closest one to me, however I have had such wonderful service there that I will now not go anywhere else. These guys genuinely care about their customers and it shows in their work. They try very hard to understand their customer and they do not just try to sell you the latest new components but they also are able to make your bike last longer. I tend to be hard on my bike when riding and these guys are able to keep the bike going. If you are looking for a new bike also be sure to pop in frequently, they often get completely ridiculous deals on brand new bikes. Apart from bikes they also stock running, hiking and climbing gear. Because the owners themselves are adventure fanatics themselves they can give unbiased advice on a number of brands. I have been a regular client of theirs for three years now and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

  3. Great experience and service from this shop. Wide variety of brands at reasonable cost. Very open to assist in any way possible and they do go out of their way to help. Very impressed.

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