5 thoughts on “Vos Gunshop”

  1. Friendly enough staff. The younger staff tends to be cocky. Prices are reasonable. Book well in advance if you want to use the indoor shooting range. The range is soundproof, safe and private, definitely worth it. The shop itself looks a bit empty, so you need to know what you are looking for when going. They also sell a gun oil that is not poisonous, which is awesome!! The oil has many other uses as well

  2. I really don’t like this gunshop or the guns they have, what we do need is a decent shop like Safari and Outdoor with Expensive and qaulity guns, but that won’t happen in Vereeniging anyway.

  3. My Girlfriend and I went to test fire a couple of pistols, and had a great experience with friendly and helpful staff as well as great service.

    Very friendly over the phone as well as in person.

    Decent range for test firing weapons, as well as the best prices of all the gun shops I called as well as the biggest variety.

    The staff were very accommodating.

    It was well worth the drive. And we will definitely visit them again.

  4. The people were very friendly, very helpful. They gave good advice and really recommend if you want to buy a firearm or just test shoot guns, they are the place to go. They didn’t judge, nothing. Recommend them!

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