5 thoughts on “Champs Sports”

  1. So I go to buy an Adidas “Equipment” shirt and it was located underneath a sign that read Adidas Tee Shirts: 24.99. I go to register and it rings up $40. I told cashier about the sign and she told me that price is for selected styles only. I go back to sign and yes, she was correct. In the lower left hand corner in what probably was a size 2 font it said that. However, in looking at all the shirts on the entire display, they all were priced at $40. Two other associates nearby were confused also because my claim seemed valid. They asked the store manager and he instructed them to remove the sign immediately… I then asked if I could purchase the shirt for the displayed price. The store manager said “no” so that was that. Thanks Champs, not ever going back.

  2. Ahmed assisted my best friend and I and was very polite and patient. Will definitely make future purchases at this location!

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