5 thoughts on “Play It Again Sports – Chesapeake, VA”

  1. Wonderful store! All the employees were very helpful and nice. Store looks great as well! Been coming here for years and the store has come a long way. 10/10 recommend that everyone come here to get their sports gear!

  2. The location was well thought out as Greenbrier is a heavy foot traffic area. However I was overwhelmed by the presentation of the store. From the floor to the roof stood racks upon racks of sporting equipment. Recreational at best. It was tight, but organized. Some items were pricey, as I assume the store is predominately used mrechandise. But fair in comparison to the many other sporting stores. Its worth a visit.

  3. Everything you need for sports, training, exercise, at super good prices. Tons of stuff. The staff is always around willing to help you find the right stuff. Not like other crowded equipment stores.

    Great prices and always have promotions going on. Check them out at #playitagainsportschesapeakeva.

    Thanks for always helping me out.

  4. Good selection of merchandise to choose from. The employee was helpful in selecting a ballglove.

  5. Some might call it a hole in the wall. I’d say they alright for what it is and what they are doing. Fine by me. Just go in with the correct expectations it’s not a regular sporting goods store but you just might find what you’re looking for or what you are looking to move on from.

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