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  1. What’s that, you need new running shoes? RunAbout has got you covered. Walking shoes? Trail runners, yep and yep. Friendly staff who really know what they are talking about, you’ll find them here too!

    RunAbout has been my go to shop for shoes for the past five years, they haven’t steered me wrong yet. Every ~300 miles for all the races from 5k fun runs to marathons and an Ironman.

    If you’re looking to meet some new people they have weekly fun runs Wednesday night with a great community atmosphere! Choose your own distance and pace, everyone is always welcome and they make sure you feel that way too!

    They also put on quite a few races all year long from 5ks to the Homie Half Marathon in the fall!

  2. Very professional and the staff knows their stuff. They have tools to evaluate your feet and gait. they sell good products also.

  3. Great place. Good gear. Friendly people. Community-minded local company. My wife and I were new to Roanoke about a year ago, and we came to one of the Starr Hill pub runs which are super fun. They completely embraced us. We found friends, awesome motivators, and a community. Definitely give it at least a try; you won’t regret it.

  4. Not only is Runabout the best store for running shoes and equipment, it is the best store for the community. They have the healthy kids runs on Tuesday nights, pub runs on Wednesday nights and all the races they put on to help the local schools. This goes above and beyond what any other store does to support the local community. It is great. Highly recommend this store.

  5. They are very helpful and patient. Great experience even though I was being picky. I appreciate their kindness.

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