5 thoughts on “Sports Alley”

  1. Nice sport shop where you can find all the gear and memorabilia for your favorite team. The place is loaded with stuff, lots of stuff. I thought prices were okay. The items I bought for the Saint Louis Cardinals MLB were not overpriced for being a beach area shop. This is the place for guys to go to when the wife wants to do some other kind of shopping. Just do not drive to the place, as there is no parking around. It is best to walk or take the bus there. It is a bit hard to see as the yellow awning does not really standout to say it is a different kind of beach shop with sports stuff. It looks too run of the mill, and I missed it the first time I passed by. I had fun. I am glad they advertised their shop in the local flyer magazines or I would never have known.

  2. They have a range of items for many teams college included. Could be better arranged but definitely has the most selection out of any other store I’ve been to in the area.

  3. Great place to grab any team sports gear EXCEPT if you want a youth size shirt. Also aisles are very tiny and could use some more space.

  4. I came in looking for some things and I was watched and followed. After picking up an item to check it out I was grabbed by the arm and physically thrown out. I do NOT recommend going here

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