5 thoughts on “Miles to Go Sports”

  1. Just go there! Knowledgable staff with no agenda to sell a brand, that listen to your needs and recommend shoes that work. I just bought a great pair of Topo M-ST-2 shoes that work great. Was able to do a test jog outside to insure they fit and performed. Your feet and your runs are too valuable to go elsewhere, go to “Mile to Go Sports” for your best gear!

  2. Great sales, always have a great stock (and options) for fuel, shoes, hydration, safety… Everything! Great business!!!

  3. I really appreciate the patience as I tried on 7 different pairs of sneakers. You really worked hard to help me find the right pair so I could start running again. Even better, I got twice the help but paid the same price as I would at the big name sporting goods store right up the street!

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