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  1. Don’t waste your time. I contacted this “company” about a 2008 Nissan Altima and told them I would be traveling from NYC to pick up this car. I asked them to be upfront with any issues. They said the car was fine. I told them I would be coming by bus all the way from NYC and they said they would pick me up from the bus station. I booked my tickets and told them I would be arriving at 1115 the next day and they confirmed I would be picked up. I called at 1045 to let them know I was on schedule. I reached at 11:15 and called he said he was now leaving. I had to keep calling because they did not arrive until 1:10 yes 1 hour and 55 minutes later. When I looked at the car it had a huge hit on the driver side WHICH WAS NOT IN THE PICTURES. In the pictures the car was fine so maybe they hit the car between taking pictures or somehow had pics before the accident. Ironically, I had a 2007 Altima that Geico totalled last month that literally had the same damage in the exact same spot. They also said the a/c worked (it didn’t) and the car reeked of Marijuana. I’m writing this review on the bus back to NYC with a sore butt from sitting so long. Sorry for the rant but I just want to warn people of what they’re dealing with; dishonest and unprofessional time wasters.

  2. He tried to sell me a car with a bad engine! Then refused to give me my down payment! Totally untrustworthy!!!!!

  3. I am 100% satisfied with my new vehicle and the purchasing process. While being very busy on both ends, I was catered to. Any questions i had were answered and I never had to wonder about the transaction. My car was delivered to me (with a gorgeous pink bow) and i wouldnt have had it any other way. During the purchasing process, i often was not available to head into the Worcester office, so they salesman came to me , every time. My best experience ! When im ready to upgrade I will know exactly where to look!!!

  4. Had originally bought a Chevy from TMS, had some issues but owner Edwin hooked me up with a beautiful Pontiac better than my original purchase. My car is beautiful inside and out more than I could’ve hoped for runs amazing. The car was delivered right to my door with a bow! Edwin is an honest business owner with a respectful attitude aims to make his customers happy. And I am one happy customer. I’d definitely check him out, recommend to all. Thank you TMS!

  5. Tried to give this guy another chance to make things right. He failed again, still has my money and still no car. Tries to sell me a car with no air, passengers side window not working, two flat tires, a dead battery and a bad alternator but tells me it’s all cosmetic? AC is cosmetic?? Tells me I can just run by auto parts store and get ac charged at my expense. This is the second car I was suppose to get from him, the original car is still sitting at his storage area because he can’t get the title or the key. Do not I repeat Do not buy from this guy


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