5 thoughts on “Worcester Martial Arts Academy”

  1. I went to this school from Feb 2014 to Sept 2017 to take Judo lessons. The kids I was taking Judo with were really nice, but some the staff seemed to take themselves a bit too seriously (and called me out for no good reason on several occasion). One time one of the senseis asked who was coming to a class on Saturday, and I didn’t raise my hand because I didn’t go on Saturdays. That sensei asked me (and no one else) why I wasn’t coming, even though there were like two or three other people that didn’t raise there hand. That meant that there were other people who weren’t going on Saturday, and I think it is unfair that I was the only one who was called out.
    The staff that weren’t like this, on the other hand, were very nice and enthusiastic and helped me a lot. I learned a lot about self defense here and I’m thankful for my time there, but the staff need to understand that the students have other plans and shouldn’t get all up in their business when they can’t come to a tournament, class etc. 2.5/5 stars

  2. Very hard to find. The entrance is in the far back of the building (far from Shrewsbury street).

    Once you get in the building the facility is huge and clean. The staff was really friendly and nice and the the classes they offer are varying in skills and length.

  3. My kids have been doing Judo here for more than 5 yrs. The dojo is very nice and big. the Instructors are great, they are very good with working with the kids.

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