4 thoughts on “WPI Sports & Recreation Center”

  1. Lovely pool. Easy to get to. Staff was very friendly. Biggest problem was sometimes it gets too warm.

  2. Bad management. Rude staff. Not diverse in terms of machines. No steps, ab rollers, weight belts, foam rollers,…. You have to spend minutes looking for wiping sprays. Mirrors are always dirty. Very few Grips for cable machines and you have to constantly travel between the first and the second floor to get to your machine. The machine arrangments is also poorly layed out. The only pro is that it’s free for wpi students!

  3. Excellent facilities, inaccessible to anyone who isn’t student, faculty or spouse. They also made some pretty odd choices when it came to layout, though I think those were an inescapable consequence of the footprint they had to work with.

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