5 thoughts on “SUPABETS”

  1. Workers they dnt have customer service there are only there cause they earn a living and supabets must teach them customer service

  2. Staff very unfriendly…. They made me wait for service for 15mins….superbet yeoville staff cashiers only care about Nigerians coz they bribe in the que… Will never Go back there

  3. The experience in supabets Yeovil is the worst the people working there are very rude they never want to play each time you go there is always a que and then they transfer you from one teller to the other saying there are closed and the managers can’t do anything about it and many occasions I left to go and play in betexchange course of the reception I got

  4. very poor service.they only want to play for thier frieds or yu must pay them to play for yu.poor management very lazy workers

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