5 thoughts on “ScoreBet”

  1. their online site makes it easier to deposit the money and play but When you have to withdraw it’s a problem. I was chatting with the consultants about my withdrawal that I placed 10 days ago and this is the response I’ve been getting “your withdrawal is scheduled to be processed today but our accounts department are experiencing problems with the bank. Do I really have to wait for more than 2 weeks for my withdrawal to be processed!! And on the site it shows that a withdrawal takes 2-3working days . That’s misleading!!

  2. I have made a withdrawal on the 28th of April, still no payment received from Scorebet… it has been 108 hours. I would strongly recomend Interbet as their assistance are immediate.

  3. I have been waiting for my withdrawal for over 2 weeks now. On whatsapp they just bluetick me of late or send this messages: Back Online !!!!
    Good day, Please note our Scorebet system is back online. Thank you for your patience and support.
    sorry no timeline, we apologies about the delay please note we had a lot of backlog we are working on it and we promise to pay you soon , kindly accept our apology.

    I have a feelings this company is a scan. Please be warned!!! None of their phones are answered

  4. This is the second week that I’m waiting for my withdrawel. After the 4th day of withdrawel I chatted with consulted and I was told it is with the accounts apartment. I tried calling, emailing after 3 days again, no response at all. I emailed the following day and got an email back saying “We didnt forget about your withdrawel” Called the 8th day after withdrawel, weekends excluded and a woman said she will call me back. At least she apologized. She never got back to. I called and they didnt answer. Emailed, no response. Later on they replied that it is still with accounts department. Poor customer service and lack of communication with clients. Their terms and regulations is misleading. They dont have a problem when you deposit money, but go around the Bush when they have to make payouts.

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