5 thoughts on “Mr Price Sports”

  1. Absolutely no assistance in the shelves. Staff all congregated at tills, more worried about putting labels on items than to assist customers with checking out. Prices however very agreeable.

  2. No one on the floor to assist 2 customers and myself
    I had to stand in the payment line to get assistance on the floor
    4 people behind the counter where only 2 assisted with customers while there was a line
    When i complained no reason was given
    When i asked where the manager was i got the out to lunch.
    My time wasted with poor service
    While i was waiting the phone rang for more thsn 2 min and was never answered
    One guy walked up tonit and just left it

  3. They had a row of sports bags and in them they uad another bag with no price tag…this was with all the bags on the row. When we got to the till they thought we were trying to steal!! We explained the bag is R999 and the small bag inside does nit have a tag and alk the other bags have them inside so we thought it was a special. We were told it is packed like thatbdue to limited spacing. This was missleading advertisement.

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